The Wives of James Frier, Robert Muir and George Kilgore of Loudoun County, Virginia

Their Actual Families and Relationships Revealed

By Lee Pound, Laguna Woods, CA ©2017

As a long-time researcher into the family of Robert Muir of Loudoun County, Virginia, who died in 1778 leaving a wife Phoebe and six sons, I have long been searching for Phoebe’s family of origin.

Many years ago, along with most other researchers on these families, I found the will of James Frier, dated 15 March 1771 in Loudoun County, which bound his son Daniel to Daniel’s uncle Robert Muir and his son Robert to Robert’s uncle George Kilgore. One of the witnesses was John Boyles. When I looked at it, I saw there were several ways for these two men to be uncles of James Frier’s sons but the record was not conclusive enough to choose one of them. Therefore, I left Phoebe Muir’s maiden name as unknown.

Over the years, I knew that to figure this out, I needed to know more about the families of James Frier and George Kilgore but found very little information. Other researchers started to add guesses to their family trees. I found as the Internet grew that the choice for Phoebe Muir’s maiden name was Frier (either the named daughter of the above James or his sister). No proof was ever offered. I also found a made-up Kilgore added to some earlier generations of the Frier family to make these relationships seem to work. It was all undocumented speculation. It seemed like no solution was possible. The records and clues weren’t there.

Unknown to all of us researching this problem, the clues were in fact staring us in the face every time we read the wills and court documents

Recently, after almost 20 years, I revisited this problem. For the first time, I noticed one of the clues and then another and another, in a place I never expected to find it. After about 15 minutes of following clues, I discovered the relationships and correct names of all three wives and how each wife connected to James Frier. In this article, I will take you on the same journey, show you the proofs for each connection and why this difficult problem took so many years to solve.

The Possible Solutions

The first clue was to get very clear on how many solutions this problem had. We had two children, Daniel and Robert Frier, who had two unrelated men as uncles, Robert Muir and George Kilgore. There were only so many ways for this to happen. Four in fact. The first mistake we researchers made was to assume that there were just three.

These three were:

  1. Robert Muir and George Kilgore married sisters of James Frier
  2. Robert Muir and James Frier married sisters of George Kilgore
  3. James Frier and George Kilgore married sisters of Robert Muir

Since nobody knew if George Kilgore or Robert Muir had sisters, the needed sisters had to come from the Friers and so by assumption and with no clear records to back it up, Phoebe Muir, wife of Robert Muir, became a Frier and George Kilgore acquired a wife Hannah Frier. As I pondered this situation and the fact that little of it made sense, it became clear that there was a fourth alternative solution.

  1. James Frier, George Kilgore, and Robert Muir married sisters from a fourth unrelated family.

The main problem with this was that we had nowhere to look for that unrelated family, at least nowhere that made sense.

I decided that the best way to approach the problem was to look at each family to see if the first three ways are even possible. For many years, this was difficult or impossible. However, new records have become available on all three families that made this process easier.

The Muir Family

I’ll take the Muirs first because they are my ancestors, second because I am most familiar with them and third because of these three men, Robert Muir is the most obscure. Very few records of him exist. We have a will in 1778, a couple of court cases, and a 1769 deed in Loudoun County, Virginia. We do not know where he was born, when or where he arrived in this country, or how many, if any, relatives he had here.

Robert first appears in Loudoun County, Virginia when he leased 120 acres from Bryan Fairfax on 12 September 1769. In that lease, he mentions his wife Phebe and son George Cato Muir. He appears in a couple of court actions in 1770 and in James Frier’s 1771 will mentioned above. Nobody knew where he lived before 1769, where he married, or where his children before 1769 were born. Researchers assumed but could not prove it was in Loudoun Co., VA because that was where he lived in 1769

In his will of June 8, 1778, he mentions his wife Phebe and sons John, George Cato, Samuel, Robert, James, and Jeremiah. The executors were George Kilgore and John Bayless. We have no dates of birth or marriage for any of parents and most of the sons. It was a guess that Robert was born around 1735.

Phebe and most of the children went to Kentucky by the 1780s, where she died in 1806 and her sons raised families.

Many other Muirs from Scotland lived in Fairfax Co., VA, next door to Loudoun, and in Maryland. However, I never found any records that would indicate family connections with Robert. Many of these other Muirs came from Scotland and their origin and parentage was known. Some were quite prominent. None of their known families had room for our Robert.

The few records we have made no mention of any other family, sisters, brothers, or otherwise. As far as we knew, Robert had no sisters in Virginia available to marry James Frier or George Kilgore. Below you will see that I discovered two more records that bear on his wife’s connections, first that he was a runaway in 1753 in Delaware and second that he made a bill of sale to Daniel Bayles in Cecil Co., Maryland in the early 1760s.

This eliminates Option Number Three. No sisters of Robert Muir exist to marry the brothers.

The Frier Family

This family was the most crucial to get straight because for most Muir researches, this became the family of speculation for Phebe Muir’s origin. Early on, none of us knew where James Frier, the testator of 1771, came from, who his parents were, or again how old he was. I have seen him born anywhere from 1700 to 1740 depending on which speculation the individual researcher used. Nobody knew his age because none was given. Some researchers missed the clue in James Frier’s will because it was not in the abstract of his will published in the book Abstracts of wills, Inventories, and Administration Accounts of Loudoun County, Virginia, 1757-1800. In the actual will, all of James Frier’s children were under age, which gives us a strong clue as to his age. He had four children before he died in 1771. We also had no idea what his wife’s name was, which led to a lot of speculation that his wife was a Kilgore of some sort.

The first break came when Frier researchers found the will of one James Frier of Chester County, PA, who died in 1766 and left a will and an estate, land that was divided among his children, who together sold the property to a third party.

Between the will and deeds, we discover that this James Frier had two sons, James and Robert Frier, living in Loudoun Co., VA and two daughters, Jean Bear and Elizabeth Hodgson, living in Cecil Co., MD, just across the border from Chester County.

This information told us who the Robert Frier and James Frier of Loudoun Co., VA were. It also raised some problems. As soon as I read the estate and land records, it became clear that James Frier of Loudoun County had only two sisters, neither of whom could have married Robert Muir or George Kilgore. Even the Muir researchers who found this connection added Phoebe Muir as a daughter of this James of Chester Co., PA even though there were no records to support that identification. You can see these on

The records did give us some valuable information. First, it cleared up the matter of the name of the wife of James Frier of Loudoun Co., VA. One of the deeds named her as Abigail. Second, I discovered an earlier deed from 1762 in which James Frier of Cecil Co., MD had purchased his farm in Londonderry, Chester Co., PA, the same property his children sold after his death. Third, we now knew the name of the mother of James Frier Jr., Jean. With all of this information, we now had the following facts backed up recorded documents:

  1. The elder James Frier’s wife was named Jean
  2. In 1762, the elder James Frier bought land in Londonderry, Chester County, PA and was of Cecil Co., MD at that time.
  3. The younger James Frier was of Lowdon, VA and his wife was named Abigail
  4. The son Robert Frier was also of Lowdon, VA and his wife was Jane
  5. The first daughter was Jane Fryer of Cecil Co., MD, who married Andrew Bear
  6. The second daughter was Elizabeth of Cecil Co., MD, who married Abel Hodgson


Now let’s return to James Frier Jr’s will in Loudoun Co., VA, made in 1771. We reiterate that all his children were all under age as of that date. His two sons could not have been born prior to 1750 and the two daughters prior to 1752 and all were likely much younger. We know that Phebe Muir’s first child was born around 1760 at the latest so it is impossible for her to be the daughter of James Frier Jr. Neither she nor Robert Muir are mentioned in the estate of James Muir Sr. and no daughters who could have married either Robert Muir or George Kilgore appear in the elder James Frier’s estate in 1766. Phoebe Muir’s maiden name could not be Frier and keep the relationships specified in James Frier Jr’s will.

This adds information we did not have earlier. That James Frier’s Jr. wife was named Abigail will become important shortly. Also, that James Frier named his oldest son Daniel, which is not a Frier name, will also become important later.

This eliminates Option Number One.  No sisters of James Frier existed who could marry either Robert Muir or George Kilgore.

The Kilgore Family

This is the family that everyone missed. This is also the family where I found the critical clue to everyone’s identity

I remember looking for George Kilgore in Loudoun Co., VA records many years ago, and finding nothing beyond a few mentions in the records and nothing that would include family relationships beyond those in the James Frier will of 1771.

However, in the last 10 or 15 years information held privately in the Kilgore family for over 100 years began to surface. Over a year ago, I searched for him again and found some speculation that he was from Cecil Co., MD and that his wife was named Bailey. I could not find anything sign of a Bailey in the area and put that research aside.

A few months ago, I returned to that research and looked at George Kilgore again. This time as I read over the posted family groups, I discovered several interesting facts.

The first interesting note was that every Kilgore posting said that George Kilgore had married Martina Bayley, daughter of John Bayley.

The second was the George Kilgore was from Cecil County, MD, where the Friers originated.

The third was that the Kilgores had the birth date for Martina Bayley (Dec 1, 1741) and the marriage date for George and Martina in 1763. George was born in 1739.

As I researched this family, I realized that the Kilgore family had retained a few ancestral traditions the Muir and Frier families had lost, chief among them the name of his wife.

No source was given for the dates in the first postings I found. However, another posting referenced the source of the information as a manuscript at the Virginia State Library File #27138, papers of Laura Hummer Cockerill. In checking I soon discovered that Laura Cockerill was a descendant of George Kilgore’s daughter Rebecca through Rebecca’s daughter Martina Bayley Fox. These include papers donated in 1962 to the library by Ethel H. Hummer, a later relative of Laura.

After I received a copy of these papers, I noted that they included dates and places on George and Martina Kilgore and their descendants in great detail, much of it compiled by a descendant of George Kilgore born in 1864. This was the source of the dates and places that the descendants of George Kilgore knew. They did, however, get Martina’s maiden name slightly wrong, using Bayley instead of Bayles. Clearly George Kilgore’s wife, from the earliest time, was known to be a Bailey or Bayles.

George and Martina also made a deed in Loudoun County Virginia in the 1780s in which both are named. This confirmed that his wife was Martina. The lived long lives and died in Loudoun County in 1818 and 1815 respectively.

Since George did not marry either a Frier or a Muir, this eliminates the second solution, leaving only one possibility, that all three men married unrelated sisters.

There is one other twist. Since the Kilgore family believed that Martina was the daughter of John Bayley, their descendants had the same problem I had. They could not connect her with her true family.

The Lost Bayles sisters

I searched eagerly for Bayleys in Loudoun County, Virginia and found none. At first I wondered if the Kilgores had gotten it wrong too since no such family was showing. Then I noticed on one of the pages that often the name Bayley was also in some cases spelled Bailey, Baily, Bayles, and Bayless.

A light went on. I went back to the estates of James Frier and Robert Muir and that odd name all of us had seen for decades made sense. John Bayles was a witness to the estates of James Frier and John Bayless was a witness to Robert Muir’s will.  Also, Martina was a very rare name. I had never seen it before in my research so there couldn’t be many of them. If I could find a Martina Bayles or Bayless, that would be a huge step in the right direction.

The Lost Bayles Sisters

As it turned out, this was the only step I needed. My first Google search for Martina Bayles led me to a page on posted by Sherry Bayless.

Home Page |Surname List |Index of Individuals | |Sources

Martina Bayles (b. 10 Dec 1741, d. date unknown)

Martina Bayles (daughter of Daniel Bayles and Johanna Lake)175 was born 10 Dec 1741 in Middlesex, NJ, USA176, and died date unknown177.
More About Martina Bayles:
Date born 2: 10 Dec 1741177

I noted that Martina was there with dates and nothing else and that nobody knew what had happened to her. Her life was a blank, lost to history.

A further quick search led me to a book, The Bayles Family of Long Island and New Jersey and Their Descendants by Howard Green Bayles, published in 1945.

It was on the Internet in PDF form so I downloaded it and turned to the pages with the Daniel Bayles and Joanna Lake family, knowing that I needed to see Phoebe and Abigail there to prove my theory.

I read down the list of children of Daniel and Joanna Bayles there they were in order with dates of birth:

  1. Daniel Bayles born 13 Oct 1737
  2. Phoebe Bayles born 25 Oct 1739
  3. Martina Bayles born 10 Dec 1741
  4. Abigail Bayles born 26 Jun 1744
  5. John Bayles born 26 Nov 1746, married Ann Price of Loudoun Co., VA.

That was as far as I needed to read. Here were Phoebe, Martina and Abigail and even the mysterious John Bayless of Loudoun Co., VA. The book also gave the answer to my first question (What was the source of the information?) It says that the dates of the birth of the children are from a family Bible record from Mrs. Mary Hoss Headman. Mrs. Headman was still living in 1945 but died in 1956 at the age of 81 in Knoxville, TN. She was a direct descendant of the Bayles families who went to Washington Co., TN in the 1780s.

I have studied the Bayles records thoroughly. Nobody in the family knew what had happened to the three sisters. they vanished from history. In all the publications, no marriage is given nor is there a date of death for any of them.

Where did these couples marry? It seems that Daniel Bayles and family lived in Cecil Co., MD from about 1758 to about 1768. We know the Kilgores lived in Cecil Co., MD at the same time and that James Frier Sr lived there until 1762 and then moved across the state line to Chester Co., PA. Robert Muir’s location at this time was uncertain until I looked at the deeds in Cecil Co., Maryland and found that he had made a bill of sale of all his household property to Daniel Bayles in 1764. This was common when a person was moving to another area and did not want to move all the possessions. Many times this property was deeded to a relative. Then we discovered a notice from 1753 that one Robert Muir had run away from redemptionist servitude in Delaware, just a few miles from Cecil Co., Maryland, placing him in the area before 1769, when he leased land in Loudoun Co., VA. The entire family left for Loudoun Co., VA in the mid-1760s. James Frier Jr. was there before 1766, Robert Muir by 1769 and the Kilgores about the same time. Danile Bayles Sr. sold his property in 1770 and went to Loudoun Co., VA. Note that James Frier named his eldest son Daniel after his wife’s father and his daughter Phoebe after his sister-in-law, Phoebe Muir. One last bit of information. Robert Frier, the son of James Frier Jr., mentioned in the 1771 will, turned up in Washington Co., TN in 1782, along with the entire Bayles family. My thought is that after James Frier died 1771, his widow Abigail joined her family members when they went to Tennessee. By the way, Abigail’s son Robert named two of his daughters Abigail and Phebe.

DNA Matches

I recently had my DNA test done at Ancestry and at Family Tree DNA and put up an ancestry chart that included Phoebe Bayles as the wife of Robert Muir. I have 230 DNA matches with others who had family trees at When I looked at each of the 207, I found that 21 of them were descendants of Daniel Bayles and Joanna Lake or a generation further back. This is 6% of all my confirmed connections. I found another six at Family Tree DNA, which has far fewer family trees. I expect that many more that did not post a family tree chart since the 230 is only a small fraction of all my thousands of matches there. This is strong confirmation that I and all Muir, Kilgore, and Frier family members are descended from Daniel Bayles and Joanna Lake.

The Reconstructed Family and Sources

  1. DANIEL BAYLES was born 15 Dec 1716 probably Hunterdon Co., NJ and died about 1803 in Washington Co., TN. He married Joanna Lake (daughter of John and Martina Lake) 13 Jan 1736 probably Hunterdon Co., NJ. It is not known when she died. Daniel lived in New Jersey, then moved to CECIL Co., MD between 1757 and 1762, to Loudoun Co., VA before 1775, and to Washington Co., TN about 1779. Most of his children used the name Bayless after moving to Tennessee. His children were:
    1. Daniel Bayles, born 13 Oct 1737, married Mary Burrows, died 1822
    2. Phoebe Bayles, born 25 Oct 1739, married Robert Muir about 1760
    3. Martina Bayles, born 10 Dec 1741, married George Kilgore in 1764
    4. Abigail Bayles, born 26 Jun 1744, married James Frier Jr. about 1764
    5. John Bayles, born 26 Nov 1746, married Ann Price
    6. Elias Bayles, born 30 Mar 1748, married Mary –
    7. Samuel Bayles, born 11 Apr 1751, married Mary Nodding, died 1725
    8. Reuben Bayles, born 21 June 1754, married Margaret –, died 3 Nov 1826
    9. Hezekiah Bayles, born 16 Apr 1757, married Jane Evans, died after 1832

Child Number 2 in Daniel Bayles Sr. Family Above

PHOEBE BAYLES was born 25 Oct 1739 in New Jersey and married Robert Muir about 1760, probably in Cecil Co., MD. Robert Muir was born about 1735, location unknown but possibly Scotland. His parents are unknown. In 1753, he was advertised as a runaway from redemptionist service in New Castle, Delaware. About 1762 he signed a Bill of Sale in Cecil Co., MD to Daniel Bayles. By 1769 Robert and Phoebe were living in Loudoun Co., VA, where they had six sons. Robert Muir died in 1778 in Loudoun Co., VA. Phoebe was in the Loudoun Co., VA tax lists from 1782 to 1787 and in the Tax lists of Fayette Co., KY in 1788. She died about 1808 in Kentucky. They have numerous descendants. Their children were:

  1. John Muir, born c 1761 Cecil Co., MD, married Nancy, died 1823 Jessamine Co., KY
  2. George Cato Muir, born c 1764 Cecil Co., MD, married Nancy Ferguson, died 26 Oct 1847 Clark Co., KY
  3. Samuel Muir, born c 1767, VA, married Nancy Bibb, died 12 Sep 1844 Bourbon Co., KY
  4. Robert Muir, born c 1769, VA, married Jane Vallandigham, died bef. 1830 Clark Co., KY
  5. James Muir, born c 1772 Loudoun Co., VA, married Sally Proctor, died c 1810
  6. Jeremiah Muir born c 1775

Notes for Phoebe Bayles and Robert Muir:

  • Nov 22, 1753, (not certain this is the same Robert Muir as ours) Robert Muir from Scotland, taylor, ran away from service to John Cameron
  • 13, 1764, Robert Muir signed a Bill of Sale to Daniel Bayles in Cecil Co., MD transferring to him all household goods and implements, including beds, horse, cows, tables, chairs, and two riding saddles.
  • 1768 and 1769, Robert Muir was a tax tithable in Loudoun County, VA
  • 12 Sept 1769, Robert Muir, tailor, leased 128 acres of land in Loudoun Co., VA from Bryan Fairfax during his life and that of wife Phebe and son George Cato Muir
  • 13 Nov 1770 Robert Muir asked oath demanding peace against Thomas Murphy
  • 1771 to 1777, Robert Muir was a tax tithable in Cameron Parish, Loudoun Co., VA
  • 3 Feb 1778 Robert Muir of Loudoun Co., VA wrote his will naming his wife Phebe and sons John, George Cato, Samuel, Robert, James, and Jeremiah. Executors John Bayliss and George Kilgore
  • 8 June 1778, Robert Muir will proved in Loudoun Co., VA
  • 1781 to 1783, Public Service Claims certificate awarded for providing beef to soldiers
  • 1779 to 1784, Pheby Muir was a tax tithable in Cameron Parish, Loudoun Co., VA
  • 1781, Phoebe Muir owned one slave named Ralph
  • 2 May 1803, Phebe Muir of Bourbon Co., KY to James Muir of Clark Co., KY 11 ¾ acres, part of the entry of 400 acres entered as a treasury warrant in name of Phebe Muir
  • 2 May 1803, Phebe Muir of Bourbon Co., KY to Robert Muir of Clark Co., KY, 22.7 acres, part of above treasury warrant
  • June 1803, Phebe Muir received as member in the Bryan Station Baptist Church in Fayette Co., KY
  • October 1805, Dismissed as a member of Bryan Station Baptist Church
  • 27 October 1805, received as member by the Stoney Point Baptist Church in Bourbon Co., KY
  • 1806, Phoebe Muir to George Muir, a Deed (I did not read this deed. It might have been dated in 1803 and recorded later.)
  • Further work in tax records needed to determine date of Phebe Muir death

Child Number 3  in Daniel Bayles Family Above

MARTINA BAYLES was born 10 Dec 1741 in New Jersey and married George Kilgore 22 March 1763, probably in Cecil Co., MD. George was born 17 Mar 1739/40 in Cecil Co., MD, possibly the son of Thomas Kilgore and Rebecca Lasley. He was a Lieutenant in the Continental Army during the Revolution from March 1778 to October 1779. He died 16 Feb 1819 in Loudoun Co., VA. Martina died 20 Feb 1815 in Loudoun Co., VA. Their children were:

  1. Thomas Kilgore, born c 1771, nothing further known.
  2. Rebecca Kilgore, born 15 Oct 1778, married Bartley Jeans, James Fox, and George Scheid, died 27 died 1822 in Loudoun Co., VA. Nine children, including Martina Bayley Fox.

Notes for George Kilgore and Martina Bayles:

  • 10 Dec 1741, Martina Bayles born in Hunterdon Co., New Jersey.
  • 22 Mar 1763, George Kilgore and Martina Bayles married in Cecil Co., MD
  • 15 Mar 1771, George Kilgore witnesses the will of James Frier of Loudoun
  • 3 Feb 1778 George Kilgore named executor of will of Robert Muir
  • March 1778 to Oct 1779 George Kilgore a Lt in the Continental Army
  • 1782-1787, George Kilgore had one slave in Loudoun Co., VA
  • 13 Dec 1784, Alexander McIntyre and wife Jane to George Killgore of Loudoun Co., VA 99.5 acres of land
  • 13 may 1797, George Kilgore and wife Martina sold 40 acres of land on Goose Creek
  • 14 May 1800 George Kilgore a member of Difficult Run Baptist Church Loudoun Co., VA
  • 1815, Martina Bailey Kilgore buried in the Kilgour-Hummer burial ground, (see note at end of this page.)
  • 1818, George Kilgore buried in the Kilgour-Hummer burial ground, (see note at end of this page.)

Child Number 4  in Daniel Bayles Family Above

ABIGAIL BAYLES was born 26 June 1744 in New Jersey and married James Frier Jr about 1764, probably in Cecil Co., MD. He was the son of James Frier Sr. and Jean of Chester Co., PA. By 1766 he was living in Loudoun Co., VA and died there between 15 Mar and 10 Sep 1771. His wife is mentioned but not named in the will. She may have moved to Washington Co. TN with the rest of the Bayles family in the 1780s.. Their children were:

  1. Daniel Frier, born c 1766 No further information.
  2. Robert Frier, born c 1768 He may be the Robert Frier born Dec 2, 1766 in Virginia, married Christiana Hunter 14 Jul 1792 in Washington Co., TN, died May 1819 in Madison Co., KY, had the following children:
    1. Phoebe Frier 1794-1860
    2. John Frier 1798-1843
    3. Abigail Frier 1801-1850
    4. Elizabeth Frier 1805-1850
    5. Lucretia Turner Frier 1812-1891
    6. Absalom H. Frier 1814-1850
    7. Zerelda Frier 1816-1861
  3.   Hannah Frier, born c 1770 No further information.
  4. Pheby Frier, born c 1772 No further information.

Notes for James Frier Jr. and Abigail Bayles:

  • May 25, 1752 James Frier Sr. and wife bought land patented Henry Hollingsworth and wife from Peter Massey and his wife Sarah, 300 acres. Deed, Book 7 page 400, 1748-1758
  • May 10, 1762 James Frier Sr. and wife Jean sold 300 acres patented to Henry Hollingsworth to Daniel Bailey, late of East Jersey, Deed Book 9-458 1758-1767
  • 1762 James Frier Sr. of Cecil Co., MD bought land in Londonderry, Chester Co., PA from William Allen of Philadelphia. Deed Q436
  • 12 Oct 1766. James Frier Sr. of Londonderry, Chester Co., PA made his will, naming wife Jean, sons Robert and James, daughter Jean wife of Andrew Bear, and son-in-law Abel Hodgson. Executor Abel Hodgson
  • 1767, James Fryer Jr. of Lowdon VA and spouse Abigail, Robert Fryer of Lowdon VA and wife Jane, Andrew Bear of Cecil Co., MD and wife Jane Fryer, and Abel Hodgson and wife Elizabeth Fryer, sell their interest in the land of James Fryer Sr. deceased to Henry Charlton of Londonderry, Chester, Co., PA Deeds Q438
  • 1767, James Frier of Lowdon VA and wife Abigail and Abel Hodgson of Cecil Co., MD, Letter of Attorney signed. Deed Book Q441.
  • 1768-1769, James Fryer on list of tithables for Loudoun Co., VA
  • 1771, Abigail Fryer on list of tithables in Cameron Parish, Loudoun Co., VA
  • 1768, 1771-1772, 1774-1782, 1784-1785, Robert Frier (brother of James and son of James Sr.) on tithables list from Cameron Parish, Loudoun Co., VA.
  • 1792, Robert Frier, son of James Frier Jr. and Abigail Bayles married Christiana Hunter in Washington Co., TN
  • 1793, 1795, Robert Frier, son of James Frier Jr. and Abigail Bayles on Tax Lists of Washington Co, TN
  • c 1795 Robert Frier, son of James Frier Jr. and Abigail Bayles deed Book 5 page 174.
  • 1797, Robert Frier, son of James Frier Jr. and Abigail Frier, moves to Madison Co., KY


Detailed Sources

Records of Chester County, Pennsylvania

Deed Index to Chester County, PA

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Abel Hodgson of Cecil Co., MD to James Frier Land in Londonderry, 1767 Letter of Atty Q441

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Group Deed Chester County, PA 1767, Deed Book Q-438

From: Land of James Fryer of Londonderry, deceased

James Fryer of Lowdon, VA and spouse Abigail

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Abel Hodgson (no place given) and wife Elizabeth Fryer

To: Henry Charlton of Londonderry, Chester County, PA

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James Frier’s Will

Proved October 20, 1766, recorded in Book D, Vol 4, page 612

In the Name of God Amen I James Frier of Londonderry Township Chester County and province of Pennsylvania Being Weak in Body, but of Sound Memory Blessed be God do his Twelfth Day of October in the Year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and Sixty-Six Make and and publish this My Last Will and Testament in Manner following. First and priciply I comment my Soul to God who Gave it, and my Body to tbe Decently Buried at the Discretion of My Executor hereafter named that is to say I Leave and Bequeath to my Wife Jean Frier the One third of my Real and personal Estate  Enduring her Natural Life, Likewise I leave and bequeath to my son Robert Frier One hundred and thirty pounds, I likewise Leave and Bequeath to my Son in Law Andrew Bear or my daughter Jean Bear five pounds, I Likewise Leave and Bequeath to my son James Frier, Seventy pounds I leave and Bequeath to my Son in Law Abel Hodgson Fifty pounds And to my Servant Boy John Ownes I leave and Bequeath Seven pounds at the Exparation of his intended time, I Nominate, Constitute And Appoint my Son in Law Able Hodgson, My sole Executor of this my Last Will and Testament and Lastly I do hereby Reboke, disavow  and Make Voide all Other Wills Bequests And Legacies By me at any time heretofore Made Bequeathed or Given and do make and Declare this only to be my Last Will and Testament.

In Witness Whereof I have set my hand and Seal the Day and Year Above Written

James X Frier (his mark)

Signed, Sealed in presence of James Law, Moses Corry

Chester October 20th 1766 Then personally appeared James Law and Moses Corry and on their Oaths on the holy Evangelists of Almighty God did depose and say that the (illegible words) my presence and did see and hear James Frier the Testator within named sign seal publish and pronounce and declare the within writing as and for his last Will and Testament and that at the doing thereof he was of sound and well disposing mind and memory to the best of their Understandings.

Records of Cecil County, Maryland

Cecil Co., MD deed index

James Bayles from Enoch Jenkins Sr., Lease, Book 6 page 235 before 1748

I have not looked at this deed.

James Frier from Zebulon Hollingsworth and wife, Deed, Book 7 Page 400

25 March 1752, Zebulon Hollingsworth of Cecil Co., MD, innholder, and Mary his wife to James Frier of the same place, 300 acres £200

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May 10, 1762 300 acres of land patented to Henry Hollingsworth

Daniel Bayles od Cecil Co., MD from Robert Muir of Cecil Co., MD, Bill of Sale, Book 10 page 43

August 13, 1764, personal property of Robert Muir including household, farming and riding equipment

Daniel Bayles and wife to John McCoy, Deed, Book 10 page 95

1764, 60 acres, part of patent of Henry Hollingsworth

Thomas Kilgore from Andrew Bear, Bill of Sale, Book 10 page 140

April 20, 1765, personal household property, animals, plows, etc.

Thomas Kilgore to Robert Corry, both of Cecil Co., MD Bill of Sale, Book 10, page 414

February 16. 1766. Personal property, slaves, chairs, tables, etc.

Daniel Bayles of Cecil Co., MD to John Hull of Cecil Co., MD Deed, Book 11 Page 226

March 9 1768 1.25 acre tract in Cecil Co., MD

Daniel Bayles of Cecil Co., MD to John Bayles of Middlesex Co., NJ, Deed, Book 11 page 525

April 16, 1770 240 acres of Henry Hollingsworth patent.

Abel Hodgson from Robert Hodgson, Deed, Book 13 page 62 1767-1774

Not yet viewed, film on order.

Abel Hodgson from John Hodgson, Admr, Receipt, Book 13 page 166 1767-1774

Not yet viewed, film on order.

John Mure from James Corbit, Bill of Sale, Book 13 page 332 1767-1774

Not yet viewed, film on order.

Abel Hodgson from Jonathan Hodgson, Deed, Book 13 page 374 1767-1774

Not yet viewed, film on order

Thomas Muir to John Muir, Bill of Sale, Book 14 page 109 1774-1785

July 31, 1775, Thomas Muir to John Muir for £60, personal property, household property and horses.

Daniel Baylie to Tobias Rudolph, Deed, Book 14 page 175 1774-1785

11 Jan 1776, Daniel Bayly Sr. of Loudoun Co., VA and Johanna his wife to Tobias Rudulph of Cecil Co., MD, for £350, one undivided half part of 5 acres of land called Contention, one undivided half of 20 acres on Elk River granted to William Killgore 17 March 1763 by 80-year lease. Appointed Daniel Bailie Jr. of Cecil Co., MD as attprney

Daniel Baylie to Tobias Rudolph, Power of Atty, Book 14 page 177 1774-1785

11 Jan 1776, Daniel Baylie Sr. of Loudoun Co, VA appointed Tobias Rudolf of Cecil Co., MD as lawful attorney to collect money from a certain William Killgore relative to a mill on the main branch of the Elk River in Cecil Co., MD.

Records of Loudoun County, Virginia

Wills and estates of Loudoun County, VA 1757-1800

Nathan Davis 6 april 1770 to 14 Aug 1770, Wife: Mary Davis. Legatees: brothers John and Enoch Davis and sisters Ann and Mary Evans. Will proven by oaths of John Moss and James Frier. (p260)

Will of James Frier, Will Book A, Page 340, Loudoun County, Virginia.15 Mar 1771 10 Sep 1771
“. . . I give and bequeath in the following manner: Viz. First of all my desire is that the whole of my estate be sold at public sale (if my Executors hereafter named see cause) and the money arising by the sale after my just debts are paid to be equally divided between my four children Viz. (Daniel Frier, Robert Frier, Hannah Frier, and Pheby Frier.) Except ten pounds and my desire is that my oldest son, Daniel Frier, should have that over and above an equal part with the rest of the children. The whole when divided to be put out at interest, at the discretion of my executors and not to be paid the children until they arrive (the boys) to the age of twenty-one and the girls to the age of eighteen or marriage. My desire also is that my son Daniel Frier be bound to his uncle Robert Muir at the discretion of my executors to learn the trade and mastery of a Taylor, and my son Robert Frier to his uncle George Kilgore to learn the trade of a blacksmith. Also that my two daughters live with their mother provided its in her power to provide suitably for them and takes proper care of their education, and in case it should not be in her power or she should neglect their education, that then my Executors provide for them in the best manner they can. My desire also is that my Executors pay my wife whatever they think reasonable for a few years towards the maintenance of the two girls that live with her. My wife’s riding saddle is not to be appraised nor sold as a part of my estate, neither a set of curtains which she claims . My desire is that George Kilgore and John Moss be Executors of this my last
will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 15th day of March 1771.” Signed, Sealed, Published and declared James Frier
in the presence of John Boyles James Marshall.

At a court continued and held for Loudoun County, September the 10th 1771

This will was proved by the oaths of John Boyles and James Marshall, witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of George Kilgore, one of the Executors therein named who made oath according to law. Certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form giving security. Whereupon he together with Robert Mure his security entered into and acknowledged their Bond in the penalty of four hundred pounds current money with condition as the law directs and liberty is reserved to John Moss the other Executor to qualify at any time hereafter if he shall think fit to join in the probate.
Test Cha Binns

Robert Muir’s Will, Book B, page 227, Loudoun Co., VA, 3 Feb 1778, June 18, 1778

In the name of God Amen, the 3rd day of February one thousand seven hundred and seventy-eight, I Robert Muir of the county of Loudon and Commonwealth of Virginia being sick and weake in Body but of perfect mind and memory and calling to mind the mortality of all men and that it is appointed to all men to Die do make ordain and appoint this my last Will and Testament, revoackeing and Intirely dis annulling all and every will or wills by me made or in any ways acknowledged and first and prinsipally I give my Soul to God my greate Creator who give it to me, and my Body to the Grave to be Buried in such manner as my Executor shall think fit hopeing for a glorious Resurrection to Eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord and as for such worldly goods as it hath been pleased God to bless me with, I give and dispose of in manner following. First my Will and desire is that my well beloved Wife Phebe Muir have and possess all my Estate Real and personal for and during the time of her Widdowhood and that she rais and Educate the Children thereon and that my Estate be neither appraised nor sold during the time of her aforesaid Widdowhood and that if she continue unmarried till Death then that she dispose of the same amongst my Children as she shall think most Just and rite but if she shall at any time marry my Estate be all Sold together with the lot of Land on which I now live and hold by lease from Mr Bryan Fairfax and that she enjoy no more of the money arising from such sale than the law allows and that the Ballance be applied by my Executors hereafter named to the use of my children in the manner following, that is to say. My beloved Son John Muir is to have two parts to the others one and the others to be equal shares and my desire father is that at the time of her Marage my Executor Bind my Five Sons, namely George Cato, Samuel, Robert, James, and Jeremiah Muir in their discretion to such Trades as shall to them seem necessary and Lastly, I appoint my Trusty and well beloved friends George Kilgore and John Bayliss Executors of this my Last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have herewith set my hand and seal the Day and Year above written.

In the present James Dickey, John Noding, Jas Marshall ……………Robt Muir (L.S)

At a court held for Loudoun County June the 8th 1778 This will was proved by the oaths of John Noding and James Marshall Witnesses thereto and Ordered to be Recorded and on the motion of George Kilgore and John Baylis the executors therein named who made oath according to Law. Certificate is granted them for obtaining a probat thereof in due form they giving Security Whereupon the sad George and John with John Davis and Richard Vallendigham their securities entered into and acknowledged their Bond in the Penalty of One Thousand Pounds Current Money. Conditioned as the Law directs.      Test: Chas Binns

Index to Loudoun County, Virginia Land Deed Books A-Z 1757-1800 Patricia B. Duncan 975.528D9212LD v.1

23 Dec 1767 Bryan Fairfax of Fairfax Co., VA Lease to Robert Fryer of Loudoun Co., Va 132 acres 23 perches. To have and to hold through the natural lives of Robert Frier, his wife Jane and son James Kennedy Frier

12 Sep 1769 Brian Fairfax of Fairfax Co., VA Lease to Robert Muir, taylor, of Loudoun, 128 acres. To have for the natural lives of him, his wife Phebe and son George Cato Muir.

1784-December 13 Loudoun Co VA: Alexander McIntyre & wife Jane of Ldn to George Killgore of Ldn L/R of 99 ½ ac on Broad Run adj James Ingles, Robert Carter Rec’d 14 Dec 1784 Bk O p207, 209 (p186

1797-May 13 Loudoun Co VA: George Kilgore & wife Martina of Ldn to James Fox of Ldn B/S of 40 ac on Goose Creek Wit: Andrew Lane, Moses Lane, John White, Sampn Blincoe, Joseph M. Cockerill Rec’d 14 Aug 1797 Bk X p432 (p339

1797-May 13 Loudoun Co VA: James Fox to George Kilgore of Ldn Mortgage of merchant mill & 40 ac on Goose Creek. Wit: John White, Sampn Blincoe Rec’d 14 Aug 1797 Bk X p433 (p339

Index to Loudoun Co., VA court records

9 Aug 1768 James Fryer oath against servant Robert Mitchell for 4 days runaway time
12 Sep 1768 Robert Fryer brought servant Patrick Collins for 2 days absen
11 Apr 1769 James Fryer vs David Perry dismissed
Many Robert Fryer entries through 1784
13 Nov 1770 Robert Muir asked oath demanding peace against Thomas Murphy

Public Service Claims, Revolutionary War

Phoebe Muir:  Certificate #50, dated 12/13 Mar 1782 , provided 333 lbs. beef June, 1781 Certificate #355, dated 26 Jun 1781, for 330 lbs, beef.

Oct 4, 1783, certificate for 350 lbs. beef provided.


Index to tithables and slave owners of Loudoun Co., VA

NOTE: Prior to 1770 no parish was named in the records

Daniel Bayles, Cameron Parish, 1772. 1773, 1775, 1778

Hezekiah Bayles, Cameron Parish, 1774, 1775, 1776, 1777, 1778

John Bayles, 1761, 1762, 1769, 1771 to 1778 Cameron Parish

Reuben Bayles, Cameron Parish, 1772 to 1774

Samuel Bayles, Cameron Parish, 1774 to 1778 Cameron Parish


James Fryer, 1768, 1769

Robert Fryer, 1768, Cameron Parish, 1771, 1772, 1774 to 1782, 1784 to 1787

Abigail Fryer, Cameron Parish 1771


Phoebe Muir, 1781, one slave named Ralph

George Muir, Cameron Parish, 1779 to 1784

John Muir, Cameron Parish 1779 to 1784

Michael Muir, Cameron Parish 1779 (no idea who this is)

Pheby Muir, Cameron Parish 1779 to 1784

Robert Muir, 1768, 1769, Cameron Parish 1771 to 1777


Records of Washington Co., Tennessee

Robert Frier, 1793 tax list

Robert Fryer, marriage, Christiana Hunter, 1792, Book 0 Page 116

Robert Frier, Deed, Book 5, page 174

Robert Fryer, 1795 tax list.


Daniel Bayles, Will, Book 1 Page 47

Kilgore Information from the Internet

George Kilgore (b. March 17, 1739/40, d. February 16, 1819)

George Kilgore (son of Thomas Kilgore and Rebecca Lasley) was born March 17, 1739/40, and died February 16, 1819 in Loudoun County, Virginia.He married Martina Bayley on March 22, 1763, daughter of John Bayley.
Notes for George Kilgore:
George:1. Father may have been Thomas Kilgore & Rebecca Lassley of Cecil County, Maryland.
2. 250 acres land on Broad Run close to Robert Carter–sequence of ownership: 1. John Linton 2. James Ingles 3. George Kilgore.Land is now part of Dulles Airport.
George Kilgore was a Lieutenant in the Continental Army in Revelutionary War. Her served between March 1778 and October 1779.
May 14, 1800
George Kilgore belonged to Difficult Baptist Church on Difficult Run.Church dissolved for lack of membership.Transferred to Frying Pan Springs Baptist Church was in Loudoun County now in Fairfax County, Virginia.
George Kilgore had 1 slave in 1782-1787.He had 12 slaves in teh 1810 census on Loudoun County, Virginia.
Unknown source: George Kilgore born in 1740 in Perth Scotland.Other sources list his birth place as Cecil County, Maryland.
[source: Paula Todd]
More About George Kilgore and Martina Bayley:
Marriage: March 22, 1763
Children of George Kilgore and Martina Bayley are:

  • +Rebecca Kilgore, b. October 15, 1778, Loudoun County, Virginia, d. December 27, 1822, Loudoun County, Virginia.
  • Thomas Kilgore, b. December 27, 1771, d. date unknown.

Martina Bailey

Found 10 Records, 10 Photos and 6,561,139 Family Trees

Born in Loudoun, Virginia, USA on 1 Dec 1741. Martina married George Kilgore and had 2 children. She passed away on 20 Feb 1815 in Loudoun, Virginia, USA.

Family Members





George Kilgore



From profiles of George Kilgore and Martina Bayles on My

Father: George Kilgore Born 1739

Died 1818

Click the “Born”, “Died”, and “Married” links for family tree detail.

Couple Married: …1763 at …

father in family with                Father: George Kilgore

Born…1739 at …

Died…1818 at …

mother in family with             Spouse: Martina Bailey Bales

Born…1741 at …

Died…1815 at …


Sons in family with                 Sons: Thomas Kilgore – Born …1771 at …

Daughters in family with        Daughters: Rebecca Kilgore – Born …1778 at …


TITL VA Archive File #27183, papers of Laura Hummer Cockerill


TEXT Papers from Laura Hummer Cockerill obtained from the VA archive file #27183 and originated from bible and other records, as well as memory.   Laura lived in Herndon,Virginia and is the child of Georg

TITL VA Archive File #27183, papers of Laura Hummer Cockerill

Full View of Record: LVA Catalogs Library of Virginia

Call Number 27183
Author Hummer, Ethel H. , comp.
Title Hummer family genealogical notes.
Publication Compiled in 1962.
Material 38 leaves and 2 p.
References Described in: Hart, Lyndon H., III, comp. A Guide to genealogical notes and charts in the Archives Branch, Virginia State Library. Richmond : Virginia State Library, 1983.
Summary Partial record of the family of Capt. William Hummer (d. 1827), of Loudoun County, Virginia.
Format In part, carbon copies.
Subject – Personal Hummer, William, d. 1827
Hummer family
Genre/Form Genealogies — Virginia — Loudoun County.
Series Genealogical notes collection; 27183
holdings (1) All items
System Number 000495337

I have a full copy of this hand-typed 40-page document created by Ethel H. Hummer between 1958 and 1962. It details the family of William Hummer and his wife Rachel, of whom she is a descendant. Most of the document details the descendants of this William Hummer (1753-1827) of Loudoun County, VA. Of interest to us is that his ninth child, Washington Hummer (1797-1865) married Martina Baily Fox December 11, 1823. Several key entries from the document show:

Washington Hummer and Martina had a son names Erasmus Kilgore Hummer (1840-1858).

Marion V Hummer in 1960 stated that Rebecca Kilgore, born 1778, died 1822, was the daughter of George Kilgore and Martina Bailey or Bales, married three time, toe Bartley James, James Fox, and George Sheid.

Rebecca Kilgore Fox had, among other children, Martina Bailey Fox, who married Washington Hummer.

The document includes a record of a Hummer Genealogy written by Laura Berkeley Hummer Cockerill (1864-1956), of Herndon, Loudoun Co., VA, a grand-daughter of Washington Hummer and Martina Bailey Fox (referenced above). This document states as follows: “George Kilgore was born March 17, 1740 – died February 16, 1818 – married Martena Kilgore March 22, 1763. She was born December 1, 1741 – died Feb. 20, 1815. Thomas their son was born March 17, 1771. Rebecca, their daughter, was born October 15, 1778. She married James Fox.” Among their children she listed was Martena B. Fox, born March 3, 1797, who married Washington Hummer in 1823. Their son George Washington Fox Hummer was the father of Laura Cockerill.



From The Pocket Almanac for the year 1754:

Philadelphia, Nov 22 1753

Run away four weeks ago, from John Cameron, a redemptioner, called Robert Muir, a Taylor by trade, aged about 18 or 20 years, speaks broad Scotch. Had on when he went away, A bearskin coat, plaid waistcoat, and wears his own light colour’d hair. Whoever takes him up, and brings him to Mr. James Blair, in Philadelphia, or Mr. David Finney, at New-Castle, shall have Forty Shillings reward, paid by John Cameron.

Monument in the Chestnut Grove Cemetery, Herndon, Fairfax County, Virginia

“Here lie the remains of those formerly buried at the Kilgour-Hummer burial ground, which was located on the Kilgour Mill Road near Broad Run, not far from the present day Sterling. George Kilgour (1740-1815), his wife Martina Bailey (1741-1815), and their Fox, Sheid, and Hummer descendants were also buried there. The remains were moved to this site by the Virginia Department of Transportation in 2007.”

Story from the Connection Newspapers, Tuesday April 3, 2007, Fairfax County Virginia

VDOT Makes Grave Decision

Project Moves Cemetery Moves to Herndon

Men and women dressed in hard hats and short sleeve T-shirts stood around the edges of Kilgour-Hummer Burying Ground Tuesday, April 3, and watched a bulldozer uncover the remains of graves that date back more than 200 years ago.

The Kilgour-Hummer Burying Ground is the future site of the Virginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT) Route 28/Nokes Boulevard Interchange project.

Andy Williams, a project administrator for VDOT, spent several months supervising the Public/Private Transportation Act Project between the transportation department and engineering firm Dewberry & Davis LLC, along with Clark Construction Group Inc. and Shirley Contracting Company LLC. The remains will be relocated to the Chestnut Grove Cemetery in Herndon.

BEFORE THE ROUTE 28 Interstate Project took shape, VDOT researched the Kilgour-Hummer Burying Ground.

Researchers found that James Madison University (JMU) completed study on the Sterling cemetery in the 1960s, to determine whether or not the site was a historical landmark.

The cemetery was named after George Kilgour, a mill operator, who owned the land in 1770. Over the years, it was passed down to his daughter, Martena Kilgour, who passed it down to her son, George Hummer. The burying ground was used over a 114-year period, from 1770 to 1884.

JMU presented its findings, which reported 40 graves to the Virginia Department of Historical Resources (VDHR) for review. The VDHR determined the cemetery was not a historic one because it did not meet the criteria and a court order legally declared the Kilgour-Hummer Burying Ground to be an abandoned cemetery in 1962.

Despite the ruling, VDOT pursued court approval to relocate the cemetery to Chestnut Grove Cemetery in Herndon.

VDOT hired a lawyer to represent the descendants of the deceased and completed a similar study to James Madison University’s report over the past few weeks.

A TEAM OF archeologists from the College of William and Mary spent two weeks on site. First they located the graves, mapped them on graph paper and marked them with orange flags.

Williams spent several afternoons with the archeologists. He asked them questions and picked their brains about what they thought life might have been like 200 years ago.

Williams, a 40-year employee of VDOT, spent the past 10 years working on the removal of graves from cemeteries and the legal aspects that go hand in hand with such a process.

He’s picked some things up along the way.

“See that, that’s periwinkle,” he said in the field. “That’s one of the first signs I look for when I look for an old cemetery.”

Periwinkle was used back then, Williams said, because it’s a ground cover, and it doesn’t grow as fast as grass, so they didn’t have to maintain it as often.

Next he pointed to a path between to sets of trees that outlined the old cemetery.

“Right there, that might be an old wagon trail,” he said.

The archeologists agreed it might be an old wagon trail due to the size of the gap between the trees and the level of the land.

“A wagon could’ve fit right through there,” Williams said.

The archeologists did not find much remains left but found out some interesting things about the cemetery along the way.

The way the graves lined up suggested Kilgour-Hummer Cemetery was a Christian burial ground.

Back then, the heads of the deceased would be placed facing west because Christians believe Christ will rise again from the east.

“When Christ returns from the east they will be facing him,” Williams said.

MIKE MOORE, the manager of Chestnut Grove Cemetery, said the 47 graves will be taken to a funeral home first, then to the Herndon cemetery in about a week.

Moore said he has been a part of similar projects through out his career, but this is only the second time the Chestnut Grove Cemetery has taken in remains from another site. He worked at the cemetery when they received remains from another site located near Dulles Airport.

The College of William and Mary will prepare a report for VDOT, the VDHR and the descendents of anyone buried at the Kilgour-Hummer Burying Grounds.

VDOT will erect a monument at the Chestnut Grove Cemetery to memorialize the bodies removed from the Sterling cemetery. The memorial will read: “Here lie the remains of those formerly buried at the Kilgour-Hummer burial ground, which was located on the old Kilgour Mill Road near Broad Run, not far from present day Sterling. George Kilgour (1740-1818), his wife Martina Bailey (1741-1815), and their Fox, Sheid, and Hummer descendants were also buried there. The remains were moved to this site by the Virginia Department of Transportation in 2007.”


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As a genealogist for the last 55 years, I have discovered and documented thousands of my direct ancestors and have written three books, Hornbuckles in America, Hardings of the Northern Neck of Virginia, and The Glabe Family in America.

In addition. for 20 years, I lectured about genealogical research to societies and at conferences and workshops all over Southern California. I have worked in county courthouses, major genealogical libraries, and online to gather, process and distribute information.

I am currently working with DNA to establish connections with various family members.