The Muir Family

I’ll take the Muirs first because they are my ancestors, second because I am most familiar with them and third because of these three men, Robert Muir is the most obscure. Very few records of him exist. We have a will in 1778, a couple of court cases, and a 1769 deed in Loudoun County, Virginia. We do not know where he was born, when or where he arrived in this country, or how many, if any, relatives he had here.

Robert first appears in Loudoun County, Virginia when he leased 120 acres from Bryan Fairfax on 12 September 1769. In that lease, he mentions his wife Phebe and son George Cato Muir. He appears in a couple of court actions in 1770 and in James Frier’s 1771 will mentioned above. Nobody knew where he lived before 1769, where he married, or where his children before 1769 were born. Researchers assumed but could not prove it was in Loudoun Co., VA because that was where he lived in 1769

In his will of June 8, 1778, he mentions his wife Phebe and sons John, George Cato, Samuel, Robert, James, and Jeremiah. The executors were George Kilgore and John Bayless. We have no dates of birth or marriage for any of parents and most of the sons. It was a guess that Robert was born around 1735.

Phebe and most of the children went to Kentucky by the 1780s, where she died in 1806 and her sons raised families.

Many other Muirs from Scotland lived in Fairfax Co., VA, next door to Loudoun, and in Maryland. However, I never found any records that would indicate family connections with Robert. Many of these other Muirs came from Scotland and their origin and parentage was known. Some were quite prominent. None of their known families had room for our Robert.

The few records we have made no mention of any other family, sisters, brothers, or otherwise. As far as we knew, Robert had no sisters in Virginia available to marry James Frier or George Kilgore. Below you will see that I discovered two more records that bear on his wife’s connections, first that he was a runaway in 1753 in Delaware and second that he made a bill of sale to Daniel Bayles in Cecil Co., Maryland in the early 1760s.

This eliminates Option Number Three. No sisters of Robert Muir exist to marry the brothers.